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Ernest J. Moniz, President & CEO of Energy Futures Initiative, welcomes Senator Maria Cantwell, D-Washington, to the launch of the 2018 U.S. Energy and Employment Report on Wednesday. (Photo by Roxie Brown/EFI)

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Energy jobs cut into red and blue state divide

The remaking of the U.S. energy sector is happening in ways not entirely tethered to the nation's red state-blue state political divide.

President Trump's rejection of his predecessor's climate and clean energy policies was met with praise from Republican governors and pledges of resistance by Democrats. But a new report says job growth in new energy technology reaches over that divide, and the expansion of those opportunities will be led by states.

The report, from former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz's think tank, the Energy Futures Initiative, and the National Association of State Energy Officials, (NASEO) shows state-by-state employee counts of workers directly engaged in energy fields. Based on a survey of 24,000 employers, the report aims to fill in the gaps where the Department of Labor didn't account for certain corners of energy technology development.

States will play a critical role in new energy technology growth, Moniz said, especially as more states align economic development, energy policies and workforce development plans.



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